Don't Cell Yourself Short

I know, this probably doesn’t apply to you because you are that one guy that nevvvvverrrr has his phone out during a date so indulge me while I address the other 99.99999%.  Stop. We both know it’s you read on. It’s a bad habit. Some people can’t even poop without their phones these days. The alternative on a date is not reading the toothpaste tube. On a date, there’s another person to engage with so no need to find other ways to keep occupied. Helloooo!! There’s a living breathing woman that that you liked enough to ask out so stop staring at your screen!

Maybe you’re nervous or maybe you are giving your best bro play by play or maybe you’re addicted to your screen, or dare I say you’re just a guy that doesn’t know respect?? No matter the reason your phone has no more a place on the date with you than your football does. Now, in the event you’ve got kids at home with a sitter, keep it on and in your pocket.

Before you you say ‘Patti, I thought you advocated for the guy?” I do! I want you to have a successful date! You can’t do that if you are alienating yourself from her…not building a connection, or possibly running the risk of having her just end the date. I also stand by these same rules for women. Before I go further let me clarify to you, the same applies for them. You deserve the same respect as I’m telling you to give them. Rude knows no gender, but you guys, are my audience, my people, and as we said earlier, who I advocate for.

If you’re really having trouble with the cell thing, if you recognize a problem and you want to resolve it, let’s talk, or at least enlist a good friend. Just don’t CELL out your love life over a  bad but correctable habit.


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